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Technology Products of High Quality

YPco was established in 1989 with the single vision to distribute innovative, high quality electronic components, with dedication to provide specialized products that promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility through all stages of production, from design – up to the final product.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are proud to support many of the leading Greek industries in our field of expertise.

Our philosophy can be summarized in three simple principles:

  • Trust: YPco emphasize in building ethical, honest and trustworthy relationships with all our partners. Our goal a financially healthy and efficient outcome for all participants.

  • Commitment: Our aim is to create long-term business relationships, prioritizing the best customer service. Always hearing customers’ needs and trying to find the best available solutions, working as a team to achieve the same final goal.

  • Quality: Focused on liability and consistency, YPco understands the importance of high quality products that comply with all European regulations. We see our customers’ goals as an extension of our services, and we give all our attention to ensure sturdy foundations for them to materialize and build their ideas.


Let’s build something together!

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