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PEM® has a 80+ year history as the innovative leader of the fastening industry, providing strong, load-bearing threads in thin metal sheets. The European headquarters in Galway, Ireland encompasses expertise in research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution centres that serve customers throughout Europe.


Receiving global expertise and support at the local level is just one advantage of working with PEM® Europe as your fastening solutions partner. PEM® facilities offer comprehensive support services including application engineering, testing and analysis, manufacturing and installation support, technical training, and more.


As stewards of their company, their communities, and the world, PEM® takes a proactive approach to reduce and eliminate their impact on the environment. Through large and small actions, PEM® is making progress toward a future of sustainability.

PEM® Products & Applications

PEM® offers innovative fastening solutions for a variety of applications across industries.

Use the new PEM® Product Finder tool, download Product Catalogue, learn how to use PEM® products with Engineering Guides, or even let us help you get custom parts!

Self Clinching Technology
Self clinching fasteners are strong, versatile and design-engineered for a broad range of fastening applications – a smart alternative to conventional spot weld fasteners.

Discover the advantages of PEM® self clinching fasteners.

  • Strong threads/attachment in metal as thin as 0.20 mm / .008″

  • Installs into a plain, round hole

  • Installed using any parallel acting squeezing force

  • High pushout and torque-out resistance

  • Requires no special hole preparation

  • Reverse side of metal sheet remains flush

  • No retapping necessary after application

  • Low total installed cost

  • In-die installation for high volume applications

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