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Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers, known for their compact design and exceptional performance, are highly sought after in various applications. With a toroidal core, these transformers offer advantages such as low magnetic leakage, reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), and improved power efficiency compared to traditional counterparts. Their ability to provide clean and efficient power makes them a preferred choice in sectors like audio equipment, power supplies, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems.

Further Options
  • Electrostatic shield (Copper foil tape)

  • Magnetic shield

  • Metal round cap (Potted)

(Caps available from 30VA to 2.5kVA Transformers)

  • Potted Center for Supporting

  • Fastening kit

  • Tinned Cables

  • Finish with black polyester

  • Finish with clear polyester

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