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PEM® Product Update - KFB3™ and Keyhole®

New thread sizes for KFB3™ fastener and KEYHOLE® product have recently been rolled out by PEM®.

New KFB3 threads - Μ5 and Μ6


An extension to the broach/flare-mount standoffs, the KFB3™ product range offers a combined broach/flare feature for even greater pull-out performance in PC board materials. The addition of two new body sizes, M5 and M6 offers:

  • Current carrying capability for this range adds 2 additional current points at 100A and 150A per fastener.

  • This enables a superior broach & flare attached product for conducting current on /off PCBs with a strong mechanical joint.

  • KFB3™: Page 10 of the K datasheet has been updated with specifications for new KFB3 thread sizes, #10-32, ¼-20

88 new Keyhole p/ns


A total of 88 new part numbers have been added to the Keyhole® product range, which include a variety of fasteners for additional materials, lengths, and head thicknesses.

  • Keyhole®: The SK datasheet was updated with the 88 new part numbers.

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